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  • ¿Qué es METAPOSTA?

    METAPOSTA is a secure deposit box service on the internet you can use to receive and safeguard your documents.

    METAPOSTA is designed for both individuals and organisations; in addition to receiving and keeping their documents, organisations can also send documents securely such as contracts, diplomas, invoices, payslips... and also sign contracts.

    The system is fundamentally based on secure, perennial storage of those documents which individuals and companies value highly and therefore wish to keep in a personal electronic storage facility. When those documents are also electronically signed, METAPOSTA takes responsibility for their custody to ensure they retain their legal status.

    In addition to receiving documents, you can also use this deposit box to upload documents from your computer or mobile using an app.

  • ¿Deseo darme de alta en METAPOSTA. ¿Qué debo hacer?

    You can register with METAPOSTA in several different ways:

    (1) You can register with a secure electronic signature certificate​:

    Directly on the METAPOSTA website with the following secure electronic signature certificates:

    • Electronic ID
    • IZENPE cards.
    • CAMERFIRMA cards.
    • Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (CERES) cards.
    • Osakidetza and University of the Basque Country cards.
    • Autoridad de Certificación de la Abogacía (ACA) cards.

    Note:  you should have installed the "Idazki Desktop" Izenpe's tool 

    (2) You can register in person at any KZGuneak office:

    Physical persons may visit a KZGunea centre and identify themselves in the presence of an employee with their ID. By registering their details via the METAPOSTA website or signing a contract, applicants will be given 2 passwords (one sent by postal service in hardcopy and another by means of a text message). These are required in order to register the new user.

    (3) On-line Banking registrations via websites: 

    In these cases, the client of the Sender ( Bankoa, Laboral Kutxa or Kutxabank)  must have access to a secure website owned by the Sender. Access to this will require the irrefutable authentication of the person (via access passwords, digital signature, etc.). Later, the data cession authorisation, granted by the client, will be accepted in accordance with the procedure and protocol agreed to with METAPOSTA.


  • Soy una empresa y deseo darme de alta en METAPOSTA. ¿Qué debo hacer?

    If a company has a recognised electronic signature certificate (Izenpe cards or Camerfirma card), it may register directly with the METAPOSTA website ( 

    You can also register through the online banking services of collaborating entities (Bankoa and Laboral Kutxa).

    If you want to send documentation via METAPOSTA, please contact us: 943 000 833 o

  • Deseo darme de baja en METAPOSTA. ¿Qué debo hacer?

    In order to deregister from METAPOSTA, you must send, by fax or letter to the headquarters of METAPOSTA, S.A., a revocation application, which must contain the following information:

    • Identity of the account holder.
    • Contact information of the person applying for deregistration.

    The application will be authenticated in accordance with the requirements established in the Declaration of Accounts and Services Practices and METAPOSTA, S.A., who will proceed with the deregistration.

    The authenticated deregistration application as well as information justifying the revocation, is registered and filed.

    Should the revocation be applied for by a person other than the holder, METAPOSTA, S.A. will notify the holder of the account about the application for deregistration and the reasons for this. METAPOSTA, S.A. will not be able to reactivate any account that has previously been deregistered.

    The application can be sent by email and by post mail:

    Parque Tecnológico de Álava
    Avda. Albert Einstein, 44 - Edif. E6 - Bajo
    Miñano Mayor - 01510 Vitoria-Gasteiz


  • ¿Puede METAPOSTA ser contratado por menores de edad?

    Yes, provided that they are in possession of a valid identification document and are over 16 years of age.

  • ¿Puede METAPOSTA ser contratado por personas extranjeras?

    Yes, provided that they are in possession of a current identification document that allows them to prove their identity.


  • ¿Podré disponer de varias cuentas en METAPOSTA?

    No. A Physical Person or Body Corporate may have only one METAPOSTA account.


  • ¿Qué ocurrirá con mis documentos si dejo de ser cliente de la entidad adherida que los ha enviado?

    Any documents delivered to your letterbox will remain there perpetually, or until you remove them. Logically, due to the fact that you are no longer a client of that entity, no new documents will be delivered to your letterbox.

  • ¿Cuál es el límite de capacidad de almacenamiento de METAPOSTA?

    METAPOSTA will have unlimited storage for the documents sent by Participating entities. For any documents you might add, there is a limit of 1GB. If you want to increase this storage limit, please contact us: or 943 000 833.


  • ¿Durante cuánto tiempo permanecerán mis documentos almacenados en METAPOSTA?

    The documents you store on METAPOSTA will never be deleted. They will remain stored for consultation and management forever.

  • ¿Qué debo hacer para regenerar mis claves de acceso a Metaposta?

    You can regenerate your mailbox access data whenever you want. To do so, the email account associated with your METAPOSTA account must be active and you must have access to it. Access data are regenerated via the website  In the section "Access my mailbox”, click on "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions.

    If you don't have an email account associated with the METAPOSTA mailbox or you don't have its access data, you can call the METAPOSTA hotline (943 000833) or visit a KZgunea branch.

  • ¿Tienen validez legal los documentos almacenados en METAPOSTA?

    Yes, METAPOSTA is legally valid for all those entities to which Law 11/June 22, 2007 on the electronic access of the public to Public Services is applicable. All public administrations and all private companies to which this law applies must comply with same. For the purpose of the users and entities to which Law 11/2007 applies, everything that occurs in METAPOSTA is legally valid and may be used as a reference or legal evidence.


  • ¿Cuánto me costará este servicio si lo contrato?

    METAPOSTA is a free service for Physical Persons and Bodies Corporate who have created a letterbox in METAPOSTA.

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