Receive, sign and archive your documents in your digital postbox.

From your mobile, securely, privately and without paperwork.

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Receiving flow and electronic signature


The METAPOSTA digital postbox is a secure, private and free channel integrated by different solutions for easy reception, signature, archiving and legal custody of electronic documents.

Digital Postbox - Benefits

Always keep your important documents up-to-date with METAPOSTA.

  • Arrange your documents in folders

    Put in tags, rules... Helping you to keep your documents always in order and easy to find.
  • Encrypted entry and exit communications

    All your information will stay encrypted and secure in our system. No-one will have access to your documents except you.
  • Access your documents at any time

    Your documents will always be accessible from the app or our web page. You will never again lose that guarantee receipt or purchase ticket.

PRO postbox

Simple and agile


It has greater storage capacity,

shares documents with opening acknowledgment,

saves electronically signed documents with legal custody...

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Get this at the App Store Available at Google Play