The definitive app for receiving, signing and safekeeping documents.

With METAPOSTA you'll always have your important documents on you. Just a click away, with absolute security. And free!

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Receiving and safekeeping

At METAPOSTA you'll be able to receive and store documents safely keeping their full legal validity for at least five years. These are some examples of the documents that you can keep in your mailbox:

  • Bank receipts, invoices and so on.

    Such organisations as KutxaBank, Laboral Kutxa or Iberdrola send their communications through METAPOSTA.
  • Payrolls, contracts and so on.

    If your company is not yet a METAPOSTA sender, don’t worry about that. You will be able to upload and keep the files safely and properly arranged.
  • Deeds, training qualifications and so on.

    There are documents that you should always keep. METAPOSTA lets you keep these where you can always find them.

Signing documents

If you have a digital signature, you'll be able to digitally sign the documents that you have in your METAPOSTA mailbox. We will now show you some examples of documents that you'll be able to sign:

  • Consents

    Thanks to METAPOSTA, you can use your mobile device to sign documents and give or withdraw your consent.
  • Contracts

    METAPOSTA allows you to sign an employment contract via your mobile device.
  • Reports on working hours, holidays and so on.

    If you need to sign a timesheet and can't get your company, with METAPOSTA you can do it via your mobile device.

Always keep your important documents up-to-date with METAPOSTA.

  • Arrange your documents in folders

    Put in tags, rules... Helping you to keep your documents always in order and easy to find.
  • Encrypted entry and exit communications

    All your information will stay encrypted and secure in our system. No-one will have access to your documents except you.
  • Access your documents at any time

    Your documents will always be accessible from the app or our web page. You will never again lose that guarantee receipt or purchase ticket.

Contact us

We'll help you from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm 0ver any of the following channels:

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Get this at the App Store Available at Google Play

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