Register for METAPOSTA

To register for METAPOSTA, you can do this in any of the following ways.


On-line banking

Digital certificate (*)

To register with a digital certificate, press the button (on the top right-hand side) "ACCESS TO MY MAILBOX", and in this section choose "With a digital certificate" .

The digital signature certificates recognised at METAPOSTA are:

  • Electronic I.D. card
  • IZENPE certificates
  • CAMERFIRMA certificates
  • Spanish Mint  (CERES) Certificate
  • Corporate certificates of Osakidetza and the Universidad Pública Vasca (UPV)
  • Certificates of the Autoridad de Certificación de la Abogacía (ACA)

(*) You have to have the  Izenpe signature tool "Idazki Desktop" installed: Further information.


Contact us

We'll help you from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm 0ver any of the following channels:

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