METAPOSTA is an Internet-based letterbox and strongbox in which documents of personal interest, received via an Internet-based electronic letterbox service, are stored.

Characteristics and functions:

  • METAPOSTA is an Internet-based Electronic Strongbox.
    • METAPOSTA is an “Internet-based letterbox and strongbox”in which documents of personal interest can be stored. The fundamental principle of the system is the secure and long-term storage of those documents to which members of the public and companies attach great value and which, as a consequence, they wish to store a personal, electronic space and...in duplicate. In other words, it enables those documents that a member of the public or a company places in an electronic strongbox with the intention of securing their perpetuity to be filed in a legal manner.
    • The secure electronic filing functions (Electronic Strongbox) of METAPOSTA allow the secure storage of personal documents of legal relevance which members of the public and companies wish to deposit for long-term conservation. The user can access all these documents securely, without cost and without any limitation as regards to size, thereby avoiding losses and enabling efficient storage.
  • METAPOSTA is an Internet-based Letterbox.
    • METAPOSTA is a service that allows mail to be received in digital format in an Internet-based electronic letterbox. Through METAPOSTA, every member of the public or community can have an electronic letterbox, in other words, a unique electronic repository that allows them to receive mail throughout their life or legal existence.
    • METAPOSTA is a consolidator of this traditional postal service which promotes the link between the senders and recipients, taking on the same role as the traditional letterbox in an electronic environment.
  • METAPOSTA documents are legally valid.
    • METAPOSTA has all the advantages provided by the Recognised Electronic Signature Law: authenticity, integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation. All this means:
      • Guarantee of the nature of messages entrusted to the system.
      • Certainty of the identity of the Sender and the Receiver of all messages and documents sent via this system.
      • Certainty of the issuing and reception of all messages and documents sent in this way.
    • METAPOSTA documents are legally valid, in other words, for the purposes of users and senders, every METAPOSTA transaction is legally valid and can be used as a reference or legal proof.
    • The messages and documents stored in METAPOSTA can be used as legal evidence..
    • METAPOSTA guarantees the storage and legal custody of documents,and allows a level of criticity/relevance and a legal period of validity to be established and guaranteed for all kinds of documents.
    • METAPOSTA can operate as a Public Telematic Registry for the documentation sent and deposited in the system.
    • METAPOSTA offers electronic notification mechanisms.
    • Communications between Senders and between the internal systems of METAPOSTA are carried out in accordance with certified messaging standards.
  • METAPOSTA is Unique and Universal.
    • METAPOSTA is unique. METAPOSTA seeks to become the only place for users to deposit their relevant documents in digital format. The access codes to the repository are personal and cannot be divulged to third parties.
    • o METAPOSTA is universal and for everyone: Companies, Private Individuals, Public Organisations without geographical boundaries.
  • METAPOSTA guarantees freedom of choice.

    The user is completely free to select the senders from whom he/she wishes to receive documents via METAPOSTA, and can deregister from these or from the METAPOSTA service.

  • Always up to date with METAPOSTA.

    METAPOSTA allows you to know at once when new documents have arrived. The holder of a METAPOSTA Account may ask that a message be sent to a personal e-mail address, advising him/her that there is a new document in his/her METAPOSTA letterbox.

  • METAPOSTA is unlimited and unending.
    • METAPOSTA provides all the characteristics of perpetual electronic archiving:
      • Archiving for life.
      • Use of universal and perpetual formats.
      • Intelligibility of the document based on international standards.
      • Archiving of electronic documents of Senders or those uploaded to METAPOSTA by the user.
      • Documents are stored in encrypted form.
  • METAPOSTA is Easy, Simple and Convenient.
    • It's easy. METAPOSTA allows users to visualise e-mail easily and anywhere, from a computer or mobile device.
    • It receives and stores messages and documents of diverse origin in a straightforward manner: A single system to deal with messages from many different Institutions and Companies.
    • It's convenient:
      • You can receive your traditional post by digital means.
      • You can receive your bills.
      • You can receive your meal in digital format at any time and in any place.
    • It provides all the advantages of the Internet: Easy access, service, speed, and local or remote access.
  • METAPOSTA assists users in the organisation of their personal affairs by making document handling much easier.
    • METAPOSTA offers personalised documentation management, so that each user can organise his/her documents at will.
    • Flexibility in the face of life changes. The documents stored in METAPOSTA are linked to the user's ID. This means that METAPOSTA will keep them throughout his/her life, irrespective of any change of address, etc.
  • METAPOSTA is Fast.

    METAPOSTA system will be capable of offering the following response times:

    • Access to a PDF document: the PDF document can be viewed in less than (3) seconds.
    • Operations in folders and transfer of documents between folders: in less than (2) seconds.
  • METAPOSTA is a Safe System.
    • The operation of METAPOSTA is guaranteed by public computer systems, and no commercial use will be accepted.
  • METAPOSTA is Free.

    METAPOSTA is free for users. Registration and use of METAPOSTA services represents no cost for the user. The cost is borne by the senders who issue the messages in documents in the same way as occurs in traditional postal services.

  • METAPOSTA has broad Institutional Backing.
  • METAPOSTA is Accesible.
    • It is a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year..
    • The messages and documents can be consulted anywhere by means of any device connected to the Internet.
    • The website www.metaposta.com is accessible and complies with level AA of the standards of the W3C Consortium and appropriate notification is provided of those sections that do not comply with such standards.

METAPOSTA is a project influenced by the trends set by a large number of “Personal Page” projects currently under development in several countries.

Some of the more relevant of these are mentioned below: