Training in METAPOSTA

Training in METAPOSTA

The network of KZgunea Centres collaborates with METAPOSTA in the training of those persons who wish to find out more about the services it offers.

In-person training will be offered in the form of a beginners course to the METAPOSTA System, included within the usual training modules of KZgunea.

These are 2-hour intensive courses that allow users to get to know the METAPOSTA system quickly.

The courses pursue the following objectives:

  • Acquire a general idea of METAPOSTA.
  • Understand the logic and Sender-user flow of the METAPOSTA system.
  • Know the technical and administrative requirements needed in order to be able to use the METAPOSTA system.
  • Know those critical aspects of a legal, technical or practical nature to be taken into consideration in order to use the METAPOSTA system successfully.
  • Learn how to use the METAPOSTA system correctly.
  • Become familiar with good practices in the organisation of personal information in METAPOSTA.

The list of KZgunea centres that will give the courses and their timetables can be consulted in the following ways: