Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When visiting this website, users are not obliged to provide any information about themselves. Should users provide any information of a personal nature, the details gathered on this website will be used for the purpose, in the manner and with the restraints and rights set out in Organic Law 15/December 13, 1999 on the Protection of Details of a Personal Nature.

Users that provide details of a personal nature authorise the processing of such details, be this automated or not, which are necessary and appropriate for the legal relationship established and its purpose, as well as any further details they may provide in the future, either as a result of our commercial relations, of the development of contracts or those generated as a consequence of the processing of such details.

Users are also informed expressly that their details may, as a result of a legal obligation, be ceded to the Risks Information Centre of the Bank of Spain in order to identify those persons with whom credit risks are maintained directly or indirectly, according to the provisions set out in Chapter VI of the Law on Measures to Reform the Financial System, or other persons or entities when required to do so by law.

Through certified and secure means of communication, METAPOSTA replaces traditional postal services and in the electronic world plays the same role as the traditional letterbox. METAPOSTA provides an individual, personal and unique Internet-based telematic application, equivalent to an electronic letterbox and digital strongbox. Moreover, METAPOSTA operates like a telematic registry for the documents sent and deposited in the system and offers electronic notification mechanisms compliant with the legal requirements applicable in this case.

The “Delivery Service” allows the reception and digital filing of electronic documentation and notifications sent via a connection with the computer systems of each one of the senders of documentation with whom METAPOSTA has signed a contract and allows the delivery, by electronic means and in a secure manner, of any documentation that the sender may wish to send. Communications between senders and between the internal systems of METAPOSTA are carried out in accordance with certified messaging standards. Additionally, METAPOSTA offers users Internet-based electronic strongbox functions that allow the secure storage of those documents they may wish to keep in a personal space.

Obligations of METAPOSTA

METAPOSTA undertakes to send the Electronic Documentation or Notifications of the corresponding Sender (as defined in the following sections) to the user's Electronic Letterbox, provided that the latter has given his/her consent to the delivery and reception of the Sender's Documentation through the METAPOSTA System.

Documentation sent

“Documentation” is understood to refer to any documents or messages of the Sender in digital or electronic format to be sent to and deposited by METAPOSTA in the user's Letterbox. When the user gives his/her consent, the Sender is obligated to send all the Documentation that, at each moment in time, he is capable of sending to the METAPOSTA system. Under no circumstances may the Sender uses the Electronic Letterboxes of users for sending documentation for advertising or commercial purposes, etc., except when such documentation is sent attached to the Documentation referred to in sections (a) to (o) above.


Metaposta shall provide the Delivery Service for the Documentation of those participating entities of the METAPOSTA system (hereinafter, the “Sender” or “Senders”) for whom the user has given his/her express consent.

Granting and revoking consent

Granting consent

  • (a) METAPOSTA shall provide the Delivery Services on the condition that the corresponding user has consented to the sending of the Documentation of the Sender through the METAPOSTA system to the Electronic Letterbox of which he/she is holder (the “Consent”), and provided that such Consent has not been revoked by the user.
  • (b) The Consent of the user shall be granted by the specific user through the acceptance by electronic means of the sending of the Documentation or Electronic Notification of the Participating Collaborator to the Electronic Letterbox of which he/she is holder. METAPOSTA shall not begin to provide the Delivery Services with respect to each one of the users until the corresponding user has given his/her Consent, and the Sender shall have no right to claim any amount from METAPOSTA for this concept. The granting of the Consent referred to in this Clause only includes the sending of the Documentation or Electronic Notification of the Sender to the corresponding user through the Electronic Letterbox and therefore such consent shall not be construed as the participation of the user in different telematic communications services to those provided for in this general conditions of participation, nor, in general, shall this have any effect beyond those expressly provided for in these conditions.
  • (c) According to the provisions set out in Law 11/ June 22, 2007, on the electronic access of the public to Public Services (LAECSP) and Regulations (RD 1671/2009) on the (partial) development of the aforementioned law, with respect to the selection of mechanisms of relations and provision of services to physical persons, the providing of documentation or electronic notification delivery services, may replace totally or partially the re-issuing of such documents or notifications on paper.

METAPOSTA undertakes to notify immediately by electronic means the granting or revoking of the Consent by each of the users at the moment when this is granted or revoked.

Revoking consent

The consent granted by the user to the sending to his/her Electronic Letterbox of Documentation or Electronic Notifications of a specific Sender to his/her Electronic Letterbox or of his/her subscription to this Delivery Service may be freely revoked by electronic means through the same system used for granting such consent. Likewise, it shall also be understood that such consent has been revoked should the user deregister from the METAPOSTA System due to any cause or circumstance and that the Electronic Letterbox is therefore cancelled. From the moment that the user has revoked his/her consent to the sending of Documentation by a specific Sender, METAPOSTA shall cease to provide the Delivery Service corresponding to said Sender. Should the user have cancelled his/her complete subscription to the Delivery Service, METAPOSTA shall cease to provide the Delivery Service completely. The revoking of the consent referred to in this Clause only involves the cessation of the sending of the Sender's Documentation to the user through the Electronic Letterbox and therefore such revocation shall not have any effect beyond those expressly provided for in these Conditions.

METAPOSTA undertakes to notify the corresponding Sender of the revocation of the consent by the user.

METAPOSTA in the State Data Protection Agency

As Responsible for the files being processed, METAPOSTA has two files registered with the State Data Protection Agency. These files are as follows:

  • USERS, in order to manage the basic details of users of the METAPOSTA service, formalise registration with the service and for communications campaigns, exchange information, etc., into which the personal details of the user will be incorporated.
  • DOCUMENTS, for the purpose of managing the Document Strongbox of different users of the METAPOSTA Service.
  • SERVICES, in order to manage data Metaposta people interested in and report periodically to the news.

With the aim of complying with current data protection legislation, METAPOSTA has implemented the security measures required by Law 15/99 on the Protection of Details of a Personal Nature and the regulations set up to develop these, RD 1720/2007. These measures make reference to the following sections:

  • It has a Security Document which sets out the Security Policies of the basic, medium and high levels, on automated and non-automated supports, drawn up by METAPOSTA executives and include:
    • Functions and obligations of staff members.
    • Incident register.
    • Control and registration of Accesses.
    • Management of supports and documents.
    • Identification and authentication.
    • Backup copies and recovery.
    • Security officer.
    • Audit.
    • Support management.
    • Distribution of documents and supports.
    • Telecommunications.
    • Information storage.
    • Copy or reproduction.
    • Access to documentation.
    • Transfer of documentation.
  • It has an efficient response mechanism in ARCO Rights applications, providing the user with the opportunity of exercising his/her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to METAPOSTA at the address, and providing adequate proof of his/her identity.

Credit entities and other payments services providers, as well as payment systems and providers of associated technological services to which the data is transmitted in order to carry out the transaction, may be obliged by the legislation of the State in which they are located, or by the agreements reached by the latter, to provide information on the transaction to the official authorities or organisations of other countries, located both within and outside the European Union, within the framework of the fight against the financing of terrorism and serious forms of organised delinquency and the prevention of money laundering.