Metaposta Businesses

Metaposta Businesses

METAPOSTA has noted the existence of a number of potential SENDERS who might use its services but do not have the required technical and human means to develop the systems they need in order to be able to use METAPOSTA as other senders are doing at this time (BBK, Iberdrola, Euskaltel…).

For this purpose, it has designed the Metaposta Businesses, an application designed for small and medium-sized companies, institutions and intermediate entities (small town halls, sports federations, etc.), which will allow their organisations to interact better via the Internet.

With the Metaposta Businesses you will be able to:

  • Send notifications to your employees.
  • Send confidential documentation to your clients and suppliers, even to the Government.

Registration for this service will be free of charge. They will only pay for the documents sent.

Benefits for businesses

  • Securing space for storing corporate documentation.
  • Cost saving.

Any company can register for METAPOSTA free of charge and keep all the important documentation they upload or receive in their Internet safe box. Moreover, with the Metaposta Businesses, they will be able to send their documentation in a straightforward manner via METAPOSTA.


  • Easy to use. The Metaposta Businesses is not designed for use by technical personnel. It is an intuitive application which can be handled easily by anyone familiarised with the use of computers, but with no experience in the development of applications.
  • Self installing application.
  • The application can be run in Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Secure sending of documents. Each batch of documents is validated previously by the application and sent via a secure channel to METAPOSTA for distribution.


Communication cost in Euro (without VAT):

  • 0Kb - 300Kb: 0,11€
  • 300Kb - 600Kb: 0,18€

I'm interested in the Metaposta Businesses. What must I do?

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