Corporate identity

Corporate identity

About the origins of the name “METAPOSTA”

When the Internet strongbox project was put into motion, a search was made for a name that might have meaning in Basque, Spanish, Catalan, Gallego and English. As a result of this search, the “METAPOSTA” trade name was coined as a combination of two terms of different origin with different meanings in languages ranging from Greek to Basque, including the entire Indo-European trunk.

In Basque, “meta” is a pile of straw normally located in meadows or near farmhouses. The term “meta” has an extraordinarily positive connotation, linked to the idea of making provisions or preparing for the future. It is also involves a prefix of Greek origin which means "beyond" and is used in words such as metaphysics, metaphor or metamorphosis.

“Posta”, is a word that comes from Italian. In Spanish it refers to “the team of horses made ready on roads at distances of two or three leagues so that postal services can travel from one part to another at the utmost speed”. Its association with postal transport gave rise to the concepts of "postal service", a concept intimately associated with the proposals of the METAPOSTA system.

Metaposta is a neologismo with very similar forms in the main European languages:

  • In French it would be “MetaPoste”.
  • In English the correct name might be “MetaPost”.
  • In German this could be “MetaPost”.
  • In Danish it would also be “MetaPost”. (That is why the designers of eBoks understood the name so easily).
  • And finally, in Italian it would be ... “MetaPosta”

 METAPOSTA Logotypes: