Corporación Mondragón supports METAPOSTA

Corporación Mondragón supports METAPOSTA


Mon, 02/12/2018
March 28, 2012

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the setting up of METAPOSTA, the Department of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism of the Basque Government and Corporación MONDRAGON have signed an agreement whereby Corporación MONDRAGON will put into motion a plan to implement METAPOSTA in the companies, education centres and other entities that make up Corporación Mondragón, the largest business group in the Basque Country.

The agreement was signed by the Regional Minister of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism, Bernabé Unda, and by the President of the Board of Directors of Corporación MONDRAGON, José María Aldecoa, and foresees the development of actions designed to encourage the use of the METAPOSTA system by the co-operatives and by the partner-workers of the Corporation.

The actions planned in this agreement between Metaposta-Mondragón Corporación include:

  • Institutional notifications to the governing bodies of the co-operatives and their partners-workers.
  • Adoption of services by co-operatives, by partners-workers and by entities of relevance within the Corporation (corporate centre, business divisions, research centres, co-operatives of greater historic or economic significance).
  • Information activities designed to show in practice the characteristics of METAPOSTA in co-operatives.
  • Work to integrate several management applications for sending documents through METAPOSTA.

Through this plan, Corporación MONDRAGON intends to provide co-operatives and their members with the advantages offered by the free Internet-based electronic mailbox and strong box provided by METAPOSTA, as well as the savings that come from its adoption.

METAPOSTA, set up in 2010, consists of eight partners. Corporación MONDRAGON participates through Mondragón Inversiones, together with Ezten (risk capital fund of the SPRI and the Basque Government through its Department of Industry, Innovation, Commerce and Tourism), EJIE (computer company of the Basque Government, pertaining to the Justice and Public Administration Department), the Chambers of Commerce of Bilbao, Gipuzkoa and Alava, Corporación Tecnalia and the direct marketing company Gupost.

In addition to collaborating in the launch of the METAPOSTA system and taking part in its share capital, three of the most important and significant co-operatives of Mondragón Corporación, i.e., Caja Laboral, Eroski and Seguros Lagun Aro, are collaborating entities and send their documentation through METAPOSTA.

The agreement is a result of the actions planned by the Basque Government to secure 100,000 users for METAPOSTA by the end of this year and to increase the number of top senders to 25 and to get 75 companies or institutions to use this service that represents an 80% saving in the cost of sending documents.