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Questions of a General Nature

  • What is METAPOSTA?

    METAPOSTA is a project included within the “Basque Country in the Information Society Plan”. The aim of METAPOSTA is to develop an "Internet-based electronic strongbox" for storing personal documents.

    The fundamental principle of the system is the secure and long-term storage of documents of great value to members of the public and companies, in a personal, electronic space.

    METAPOSTA will, therefore, have the same functions of the letterbox used in traditional postal services but will operate in an electronic environment. To a large extent, the documents received by members of the public via this new system will be of the type delivered to their physical letterboxes every day: invoices, bank statements, receipts, insurance policies, contracts, summonses, notifications, payslips, etc. And they will receive them free of charge, as is the case of traditional postal services.

    Additionally, METAPOSTA will offer users services for uploading documents from their computer for secure digital storage.

    As a project, METAPOSTA has been influenced by a large number of similar projects developed in a number of different countries.

  • What advantages does METAPOSTA offer compared to other E-mail Services?

    METAPOSTA offers multiple advantages compared to traditional e-mail. These include:

    • A cost-free service for users.
    • All documents sent by METAPOSTA are legally valid.
    • Its operation is guaranteed by publically-owned computing systems.
    • No commercial use is accepted.
    • It allows access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any device with Internet access.
    • It enables safe, uninterrupted storage of important documents uploaded by the user.
  • Is METAPOSTA an E-Mail Service?

    No, METAPOSTA does not set out to provide an e-mail service for users. It is an electronic strongbox and an electronic letterbox.

    Through METAPOSTA, the user only receives messages and documents from the entities he/she wants. METAPOSTA does allow users to send messages to third parties. It only allows access to documents previously agreed upon with METAPOSTA participating entities, accepted by the user.

    As in the case of traditional postal services, you will be able to share the documents received or uploaded by you with other METAPOSTA users, but you will not be able to send documents.

    Moreover, the user receives an access code to an Internet application accessible via the address www.METAPOSTA.com and not an e-mail address.

  • Is there advertising or spam in METAPOSTA?

    No, the only advertising you will receive in your METAPOSTA letterbox will be any advertising you might receive from the companies you are subscribed to, and these will always be associated with an administrative or commercial document, never independently.

    As METAPOSTA is not a traditional e-mail service, spam is not possible.

  • Will my METAPOSTA data be scrutinised?

    No, METAPOSTA undertakes not to process data for the purpose of determining behavioural trends and not to divulge any information to third parties.

  • I would like to register with METAPOSTA. What must I do?

    You can register with METAPOSTA in several different ways:

    • You can register with a secure electronic signature certificate, directly on the METAPOSTA website. If an individual has a recognised electronic signature certificate (Izenpe cards, Electronic ID, Camerfirma, the set of certificates approved by the President's Ministry) he/she may register directly on the METAPOSTA website (www.metaposta.com).
    • You can register in person at any KZGuneak office. Physical persons may visit a KZGunea centre and identify themselves in the presence of an employee with their ID. By registering their details via the METAPOSTA website or signing a contract, applicants will be given 2 passwords (one sent by postal service in hardcopy and another by means of a text message). These are required in order to register the new user.
    • On-line registrations via websites (On line Banking, On-line Income tax, Electronic Invoice Systems, and so on). In these cases, the client of the Sender must have access to a secure website owned by the Sender. Access to this will require the irrefutable authentication of the person (via access passwords, digital signature, etc.). Later, the data cession authorisation, granted by the client, will be accepted in accordance with the procedure and protocol agreed to with METAPOSTA.

      The procedure continues with the issuing of 2 passwords:

      • One shown directly on the computer screen.
      • Another sent by means of a text message to the new user's telephone.

    In all cases, to activate a new METAPOSTA account, the user must access the METAPOSTA website (www.metaposta.com) and enter both passwords in the access menu.

  • I am a company and want to register in METAPOSTA. What must I do?

    If a company has a recognised electronic signature certificate (Izenpe cards, Electronic ID, Camerfirma, i.e., the set of certificates approved by the President's Department) it may register directly with the METAPOSTA website (www.metaposta.com). This activates the set of services offered by the system.

    You can also register through the online banking services of collaborating entities.

  • I would like to deregister from METAPOSTA. What must I do?

    In order to deregister from METAPOSTA, you must send, by fax or letter to the headquarters of METAPOSTA, S.A., a revocation application, which must contain the following information:

    • Identity of the account holder.
    • Reason for applying for deregistration.
    • Contact information of the person applying for deregistration.

    The application will be authenticated in accordance with the requirements established in the Declaration of Accounts and Services Practices and METAPOSTA, S.A., who will proceed with the deregistration.

    The authenticated deregistration application as well as information justifying the revocation, is registered and filed.

    Should the revocation be applied for by a person other than the holder, METAPOSTA, S.A. will notify the holder of the account about the application for deregistration and the reasons for this. METAPOSTA, S.A. will not be able to reactivate any account that has previously been deregistered.

    Parque Tecnológico de Álava
    Avda. Albert Einstein, 44 - Edif. E6 - Bajo
    Miñano Mayor - 01510 Vitoria-Gasteiz
    Fax: 945 00 84 36

  • Who is the METAPOSTA Service intended for?

    The METAPOSTA service is intended for any Physical Person or Body Corporate residing within the territory of the State.

  • I do not live in the Basque Country. Can I register with METAPOSTA in spite of that?

    Yes, any Physical Person or Body Corporate with residence within the territory of the State may register with METAPOSTA by approaching any of the participating entities of which he/she is a client, or by going in person to any of the KZGunea centres placed at the disposal of the public by the Basque Government.

  • Can minors sign up for METAPOSTA?

    Yes, provided that they are in possession of a valid identification document and are over 16 years of age.

  • Can foreigners sign up for METAPOSTA?

    Yes, provided that they are in possession of a current identification document that allows them to prove their identity.

  • Will I be able to deregister from METAPOSTA whenever I want or is there a minimum amount of time I must remain as a user?

    Yes, you may deregister whenever you want as there is no minimum permanence time in METAPOSTA, but if you have reached an agreement with any METAPOSTA participating entity (documentation sender), you will have to verify this matter with them.

    When you deregister from METAPOSTA, any documents you might have in your letter box will be deleted. Should you wish to keep them, you will have to access the METAPOSTA website and copy them to your personal computer.

  • What is the timetable of METAPOSTA's enquiry service?

    As METAPOSTA is a service offered via the Internet, it is available 24x7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Should you wish to make your enquiries in person or by phone, the timetables are as follows:

    • Telephone enquiries can be made from Monday to Friday and from 9 AM to 7 PM.
    • Enquiries made to any participating entity you may be a client of must be made within its official timetable.
  • Will I be able to send legal information to public entities with METAPOSTA?

    Yes, provided that the public entity that receives the documentation (public administration, town halls, etc.) allows the use of METAPOSTA as a valid method for receiving documentation.

  • Will I be able to have several accounts with METAPOSTA?

    No. A Physical Person or Body Corporate may have only one METAPOSTA account.

  • Will I be able to print my METAPOSTA documents?

    All METAPOSTA messages and documents can be printed via a local printer. Moreover, if further copies are required, you can get in touch with the sender of the documents (participating entities who send documents to your METAPOSTA letterbox) and apply for a duplicate.

Questions Relating to the Operation of the System

  • What will happen to METAPOSTA documents in the case of the death of the holder or when the company closes?

    In the case of the death of the holder and following the presentation by his/her legal heirs of documentation providing evidence of said death to the central headquarters of METAPOSTA, the procedure will begin to transfer the deceased's letterbox to the legal heirs.

  • Can I sign up for METAPOSTA without subscribing to any participating entity?

    The aim of METAPOSTA is to be both an electronic letterbox and an electronic strongbox in which the user can keep any documents he/she considers to be relevant. Therefore, even if you are not a client of any participating entity, you will be able to sign up for METAPOSTA through any KZGunea centre placed at the disposal of the public by the Basque Government.

    From that moment and in view of the fact that you are not a client of any participating entity, you will be able to store any relevant documents you may consider to be appropriate in electronic format in your METAPOSTA letterbox.

    Later on, when the entities of which you are a client join METAPOSTA, you will be able to subscribe to them.

  • Will I be able to connect to METAPOSTA despite the fact that I do not have an Electronic ID or ONA card?

    Yes, in addition to the Electronic ID (or any valid certificate issued by Izenpe or Camerfirma), METAPOSTA considers that the username and password you will be provided with after registering in person with METAPOSTA at any of the offices of KZGunea, are valid authentication instruments.

  • Will I be able to connect to METAPOSTA from abroad?

    Yes, METAPOSTA is a web service available wherever there is access to the Internet.

  • What kind of personal documents will I be able to store in METAPOSTA?

    There is no limit to the type of files that can be stored in METAPOSTA. You will be able to store any personal documents you consider to be important.

  • What is the storage capacity limit of METAPOSTA?

    METAPOSTA will have unlimited storage for the documents sent by Participating entities. For any documents you might add, there is a limit of 700 megabytes.

  • How long will my documents remain stored on METAPOSTA?

    The documents you store on METAPOSTA will never be deleted. They will remain stored for consultation and management forever.

  • Can I share my METAPOSTA letterbox with others?

    In view of the high level of confidentiality of the documentation in your METAPOSTA letterbox, it is recommendable that the letterbox be for personal use and nontransferable. However, if you have documentation you wish to share with other METAPOSTA users, you can share documents with any users you may wish to designate.

  • What should I do if my access METAPOSTA passwords are lost or fall into the hands of another person?

    Due to the high level of confidentiality of the documentation in your METAPOSTA letterbox, if you cannot find your passwords or believe that they are in the possession of another person, you must call the telephone enquiries service of METAPOSTA and request that your account be reactivated.

    METAPOSTA will regenerate your PIN and your passwords and these will be sent to you. The PIN will be sent to your mobile phone via a text message and your passwords will be sent by ordinary post to your postal address.

  • Can you send me a duplicate of METAPOSTA documents by ordinary letter post?

    METAPOSTA offers access to documents via Internet 24x7. If you need a printed copy, you have two possibilities:

    • From the METAPOSTA website, you can access the document in your letterbox and print it on your local printer.
    • You can contact the participating entity that sent you the document to ask for a duplicate via the customary channels.
  • Are the documents stored on METAPOSTA legally valid?

    Yes, METAPOSTA is legally valid for all those entities to which Law 11/June 22, 2007 on the electronic access of the public to Public Services is applicable. All public administrations and all private companies to which this law applies must comply with same.

    For the purpose of the users and entities to which Law 11/2007 applies, everything that occurs in METAPOSTA is legally valid and may be used as a reference or legal evidence.

  • Can the documents stored in METAPOSTA be lost?

    METAPOSTA pursues a strict security policy and makes daily backups of the documents deposited. This technological infrastructure guarantees the custody and accessibility of the documents.

  • What would happen to my documents should I cease to be a client of the participating entity that sent them?

    Any documents delivered to your letterbox will remain there perpetually, or until you remove them. Logically, due to the fact that you are no longer a client of that entity, no new documents will be delivered to your letterbox.

  • Do I need any special Hardware/Software/Infrastructure to access METAPOSTA?

    METAPOSTA does not have any specific requirements other than those necessary to surf the web. Logically, you must have a device to access the Internet (Personal Computer, PDA, Smartphone…) and an available Internet connection.

    Moreover, should you wish to use electronic signature certificates to initiate the METAPOSTA session, or sign documents digitally, you must be in possession of the necessary Electronic Signature Certificates and a working Card Reader.

  • With which navigators and/or Operating Systems can I access METAPOSTA?

    METAPOSTA is built with free software and therefore, in principle, any navigator and/or operating system is valid for using METAPOSTA.

    METAPOSTA guarantees compatibility with the navigators and operating systems most widely-used by the public:

    • For access and use, the following web navigators:
      • Internet Explorer.
      • Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox.
      • Opera.
      • Safari.
    • With regard to operating systems:
      • Microsoft Windows environment.
      • GNU/Linux environment.
      • Mac OS X environment.
      • Mobile phone environments (Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile).
  • I intend to subscribe to an entity that does not appear among the participating entities. What must I do?

    This is not possible for the moment. METAPOSTA only allows subscriptions to participating entities. However, METAPOSTA is talking at this time with the most important entities in the market to secure their gradual incorporation.

    You must wait for METAPOSTA to reach an agreement with the entity to which you wish to subscribe and then you will be able to make your subscription.

  • I want to cancel my subscriptions with a number of participating entities. What must I do?

    You can access the METAPOSTA website with your passwords or valid Digital Certificate and eliminate any active subscriptions.

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