Electronic ID

METAPOSTA is collaborating with Red.es in efforts to promote the use of the eID

Red.esAmong other aims, METAPOSTA wants to inform the public about the advantages of electronic identification and signatures leading to a gradual elimination of the use of paper and increasing introduction of new technologies in order to promote the Information Society.

For this reason, METAPOSTA collaborates with Red.es, which is attached to the Spanish Industry, Trade and Tourism Department, in the development of actions designed to increase the use of the electronic ID in major, high-visibility services.

For example, in Metaposta, eIDs are used for registering with our service, for signing documents electronically (the European legal electronic signature format endorses the legal validity of all documents deposited in METAPOSTA and signed electronically), or for receiving electronic notifications as of January 2012. And, especially, eIDs allow safer access to METAPOSTA mailboxes.