Certificado digital accesible

Access with digital certificate

Electronic ID, IZENPE card, ONA card and CAMERFIRMA card

To access with your electronic certificate (electronic ID, IZENPE citizens card, CAMERFIRMA card or ONA card), you must have a digital card reader and the necessary programs or drivers installed in order to be able to use this. Moreover, you must remember the password for your card.


Insert the card in the reader in order to identify yourself, press the enter button and follow the instructions shown on screen.

Certificate of the National Mint (CERES

CERESYou can also access with the certificate of the National Mint, CERES (CERtificación ESpañola).

In order to obtain the certificate it is necessary to make a series of configurations in your navigator (only valid in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox navigators).

In order to make the configurations, you can download an automatic installation programme or make the manual installation with the instructions on this page: Instructions for installing the CERES certificate..