Protect your confidential documents

METAPOSTA offers companies a free electronic strongbox service for keeping all their important documents securely.

Receive, keep, sort and share

  • Receive invoices and receipts from collaborating entities in a secure manner.
  • Upload corporate documents and maintain their legal validity.
  • Keep your business documentation tidy in a secure space.
  • Share any document you choose with other businesses or individuals registered with METAPOSTA under conditions of total confidentiality.

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Documents sent in a secure manner

With the SME Pack application, companies can send payrolls and other notifications to their employees, or confidential documentation to their clients and suppliers via their METAPOSTA mailboxes. The system offers maximum security when sending important documents and reduces costs.

The application is easy to install and use and does not require the intervention of technical personnel.

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Many businesses are already using METAPOSTA

Companies have found METAPOSTA to be a secure location for keeping their documentation in an orderly manner. Many companies have already registered to receive invoices and bank statements directly in a specific mailbox and without taking up space. Moreover, they digitise documentation (deeds, powers of attorney, contracts ...), and keep them signed electronically in METAPOSTA, with the same validity as their hardcopy versions.

With METAPOSTA they can share any documents they want with other companies also registered with the system and to send documents in a more cost-effective manner and with total security.

Moreover, consultancy firms can handle the documents of all their clients using just one system that allows them to save paper, space and time in organising each document.