The definitive solution for digitalising sending, signing and safekeeping information at your company

METAPOSTA Delivery, with a simple and intuitive design, contains all the functionalities that a company needs to tackle its digital transformation.

METAPOSTA Delivery provides a solution for each requirement

Sending documents

Any company or organisation becoming a sender can send documents safely, thanks to METAPOSTA Delivery: both to internal groups at the company (employees, shop stewards' committee, shareholders, suppliers, etc.).

Formalisation of contracts with electronic signature

METAPOSTA Delivery means you can digitalise and speed up the administrative management of contracts. Our solution enables you to sign contracts and agreements with customers, suppliers and staff of your company electronically and remotely. This process is done securely and almost immediately.

Registered deliveries and electronic consent

METAPOSTA Delivery provides you with a channel through which you can get an "acknowledgement of receipt" useful for such deliveries as approval of working hours' reports, confidentiality documents, basic copies of contracts, settlements or documents for prevention of occupational risks (PRL), and many more.

Sending signed academic certificates and with SVC

METAPOSTA Delivery enables education institutions to deliver diplomas and study certificates to their students in electronic format. These certificates have a secure verification code (SVC) to verify the validity of the signature and the integrity of the document.

Electronic custody

METAPOSTA Delivery means that electronically signed documents can be stored and in the same mailboxes where these are delivered or kept, performing the regular restamping without the organisation having to concern itself with this, thus guaranteeing the full long-term legality of the documents stored.

PRO Mailbox

By using the METAPOSTA PRO mailbox, the company can provide its customers, suppliers and collaborators with any documents and messages that it needs to share with them. And they all have opening acknowledgement: the owner of the METAPOSTA PRO mailbox will get a notification mail when one of the parties who a document has been shared with accesses this.

Advanced integration

METAPOSTA Services is a set of web services, interfaces and communication channels, which facilitate integrated implementation of your organisation's applications and exploitation of all the functionalities provided by METAPOSTA.

METAPOSTA Delivery has a great deal of advantages for your organisation

  • No investment or maintenance costs

    The only cost is the one for each use. Get in touch with us and you'll find out that the cost is absolutely competitive.
  • Improves the efficiency of your organisation

    Cuts the cost of managing the organisation, by doing a more efficient job.
  • Complies with current legislation

    Benefit from the advantages of digitalisation complying with current legislation on data protection in everything you send.

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