Help general


  • Creating a new label.

      You must enter the name of the label to be created. The labels must be created individually as the system used for the creation of multiple labels is not permitted.

  • Uploading documents to METAPOSTA.

      When you request permission to upload a document to METAPOSTA, the system will ask you if the document has been signed digitally. If the document is signed digitally, the signature can be included within the document itself or in a separate file which the user can also upload to METAPOSTA. If the user indicates that the document is signed digitally, the system will ask him/her if the signature is contained within the document itself or in a separate file, in order to allow him/her to upload a separate file containing the signature. Should the user indicate that the document is signed, the system will classify the document as such.

      Should the user not know whether the document is signed or not, he/she should indicate that it is not signed.

  • Subscribing to senders in METAPOSTA.

      Active sender: the sender is a full member of METAPOSTA. If the user is a customer of the sender, he will receive its notifications once he has completed the subscription process.

      Sender in the process of becoming a member: the sender is completing the integration process and cannot send notifications via METAPOSTA yet. Subscriptions will be dealt with once the process has been completed.

      Non active sender: the sender has begun the integration process with METAPOSTA. For the time being, it is not possible to subscribe to this sender.