Important aspects to be borne in mind when entering the METAPOSTA application:


  • Back button of your navigator (The arrow on the top left hand side of the navigator menu)

Whenever the back button of the navigator is pressed, it will take you to the password start screen; this means that you have exited the application. In order to move about the application, you must use the application menus. For example, if you are viewing any document you have received or performing any other action in METAPOSTA and you want to return to the list of documents in your mailbox, you must return by clicking on “Incoming letter box” in the column on the left.

  • Drag&Drop

Use this to organise your documents. The METAPOSTA application allows you to select documents with your mouse and drag these in order to organise them easily in folders without having to use the right-hand button on the mouse. For example, if you want to store an invoice in a folder (which will be created previously in the "folders" tab on the left-hand column) select this document and, without letting it go, drag it to the chosen folder.

  • Labels

Labels are used to classify documents according to a particular order or personal preference; in this way, once a document has been labelled, the different groupings can be seen quickly. For example, you can assign the “Invoices” label to all invoices received from suppliers (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.).

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF- Documents PDF

When opening a PDF document in the METAPOSTA application, this is displayed within the right-hand window, leaving the application menu on the left and opening the Adobe Acrobat PDF menu at the top of the document. Avoid mixing up these two menus. For example, if you wish to store or move the document to any specific folder of the METAPOSTA application, you cannot use the save option in the top menu of the Adobe Acrobat PDF.

  • Personalise my account: Rules/Notifications
    •  Rules. Users can set up and manage a limited number of rules in which you will teach the system how to file automatically certain documents that arrive in your letterbox. Two kinds of rules:
      • Filing rules: this type of rule will indicate the folder in which you wish to file certain documents automatically. These will be selected by filtering documents according to sender and type.
      • Other Rules: This type of rule will teach the system which label/s is/are to be applied automatically or which user/s will share the document automatically when this is received in the incoming letterbox. Before applying the rule, documents can be selected, filtered according to sender, type of document, name of document, whether it is a legal document or whether it is a signed document.
    • Notifications. The user may set up and manage a limited number of notifications in which he/she will instruct to the system to send him/her a notification by mail when a certain document arrives. The documents will be selected by filtering according to sender and type of document.
  • User Manual.

In order to know more about how to handle the application, you can consult the METAPOSTA user's manual.

User's manual.