Accessibility policy

Accessibility policy

The aim of the accessibility policy is to eliminate certain barriers for disabled persons who experience difficulties in accessing certain information.

METAPOSTA is aware of the importance of the accessibility and usability of its website and for this reason uses the standard technologies established in the W3C and level AA WAI 1.0 Accessibility Directives.

The aim of this project is to produce visually attractive contents and for this reason some elements may have a purely decorative function.

Should you encounter any accessibility problem or want to make any comment or suggestion about this matter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

There is a video summarising the METAPOSTA service on the home page. For those users who cannot access its contents a transcription is provided in text form.

Compliance with accessibility standards

Prior to entering your METAPOSTA account, all the pages on the website comply with Accessibility Rules, level AA, established by the WAI Workgroup, which belongs to W3C.

The visual design has been created in accordance with the recommendations of W3C on Cascade Style Sheets, Level 2 (CSS2).

Even if your navigator or navigation device does not support style sheets, the contents of the website will be completely legible thanks to its structure.

User guide

Here are a few guidelines for first-time visitors to the website.

How can I find my way around the website?

The homepage contains 3 menus:

Top menu:
Placed at the top of the screen, this menu allows you to access the basic information contained on the website as well as options for changing the language.
Left-hand vertical menu:
This menu contains most of the information about the website and deals with important questions designed to provide users with an in-depth knowledge of METAPOSTA.
Bottom menu:
Accessibility: this is a navigation aid. It is the section in which you find yourself at this time, Site Map: this provides an overview of the entire website and the Legal Warning.

How to access your METAPOSTA account?

You can choose between two ways of accessing your METAPOSTA account:

Standard Version
In order to use this option, your navigator's JavaScript option must be activated.
Version HTML Basic
This version follows level AA WAI 1.0 Accessibility Guidelines.

Making website navigation easier

In order to facilitate keyboard navigation, the website has been designed so that the tabulator follows the contents of the website in a logical order.

Keyboard shortcuts (access keys):

Keyboard shortcuts have been created in order to speed up navigation through the website. In order to be able to use these shortcuts, the following keystroke combinations can be used:

For Internet Explorer PC:
ALT + keyboard shortcut key + ENTER Key
FireFox PC:
ALT + SHIFT + Keyboard shortcut key
For Opera PC:
SHIFT + ESC + Keyboard shortcut key
For MacOS FireFox and Safari:
CONTROL + Keyboard shortcut key

The shortcut keys used to navigate through the website are as follows:

Key 1:
Go to Top Menu
Key 2:
Go to Register
Key 3:
Go to user Access to METAPOSTA
Key 4:
Go to Left-Hand Vertical Menu
Key 5:
Go to News
Key 6:
Go to Contents
Key 7:
Go to Bottom Menu

Keydo shortcuts of your METAPOSTA account, Basic html version:

Key 1:
Go to Folders
Key 2:
Go to Incoming Letterbox
Key 3:
Go to Personalise My Account
Key 4:
Go to Greetings
Key 5:
Go to Options Menu
Key 6:
Go to Main Contents
Key 7:
Go to Bottom Menu

Can I change the text size?

The website does not use an absolute font size but has defined a number of relative sizes so that the user can modify these in accordance with his/her needs, using his/her navigator options to select a larger or smaller text size.