Amvisa sends its invoices via METAPOSTA

Amvisa sends its invoices via METAPOSTA


Mon, 02/12/2018
August 2 2011

Having completed the full integration between the computer systems of both companies at the end of June, Aguas Municipales de Vitoria-Gasteiz, S.A. (AMVISA), is now sending its invoices via METAPOSTA. As of now, the owners of the nearly 117,000 water meters managed by this private, municipal company will be able to receive their quarterly bills via their personal METAPOSTA letterboxes.

Amvisa’s mission is to provide the city of Vitoria and neighbouring towns and villages with integrated water services. This municipal company performs tasks ranging from the supply (including the collection, storage, purification and distribution of drinking water) to the maintenance of its drainage networks, including the collection and transport of waste waters via the sewage system as well as their purification and reutilisation. Amvisa has been working in recent years in defence of the environment in all its systems, to increase an awareness of the public with the aim of preventing the inefficient use of water or in the maintenance of a fault-free network. In this way, consumption per inhabitant has dropped from 490 L in 1980 to half this amount in 2010.

By sending its invoices via METAPOSTA, the company has strengthened the environment-oriented policy that characterises Amvisa. The estimated cost of sending invoices every quarter to its 117,000 customers exceeds €200,000 and represents a consumption of 5.6 tons of paper. If Amvisa sent all its invoices via METAPOSTA, this company would save €160,000 a year, more than 80% of its current costs.

Over the coming weeks, another two of the large Basque water consortiums, the Greater Bilbao Water Consortium and the Txingudi Water Company, will also send their invoices via METAPOSTA.